Disc world

When you have to repeat the same argument over and eventually you get a bit sick of doing it. Time therefore to write it down so people can look it up in the Internet. That's what this medium is for anyway, well may be apart from the other thing.

We are living in the 21st century but nevertheless some of us still believe mother earth is a sphere. This is ridiculous and I am outraged that in some schools they even teach this nonsense. And that's what it is: A disorderly conduct and a public nuisance. How dare you? Does the word proof mean anything to you? Haven't we been enlightened often enough? How much of an anarchist does one have to be to ignore all the facts. Are we French that we ignore all the evidence just because it is coming from the wrong side of the Atlantic?

The most powerful man in the world, the president of the most advanced nation of this planet believes that we live on a disc world, who are we to disagree? When it comes to science and technology the USA are light years ahead of us. They even can travel in time. And this is no conspiracy theory, they have proven it. How do you think they were able to detect weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before they actually have been built? Good question, isn't it? I'll tell you the answer: Time travelling. And that's the reason Hans Blix didn't find anything when he searched the dessert. They simply forgot to mention that when they used the phrase: We detected traces of nuclear warheads that can hit England within 40 minutes, to mention the bit … when we travelled into the year 2645 AD with our powerful time machine Binford TM 3000. Face it, compare to High-Tech America we stink. Europeans can't even look ahead a couple of years and we expect Americans to take us serious!

After all it is the Americans that travel into space and not us. If the say we live on a flat disc I believe them. Have you ever seen a picture earth being a sphere? I haven't; all the photographs show a disc. And that this discs occasionally looks a bit different – so sometimes you see the Americas, sometimes Asia and sometimes Europe – I think it's just fair. Poor Indians they want their moment in the sun as well, just give it to them.

Some people might object and say the Russians travelled into space even before the Americans did and they claim it is a globe. To be honest my Russian is very rusty and I haven't got a clue what they say. Let's assume they do, what does it prove? They are evil Communists. I simply don't believe anything they Russians proclaim unless the White House approves it.

If there was any evidence earth being a sphere, do you seriously think the president of USA would stand up in public and say it isn't? Get serious, this is just ridiculous. Next people probably claim humans are descendants of some sort of ape. This is about as trustworthy as the rumours Elvis being dead and Mick Jagger alive. Did you ever hear when some nerds insist that there is a working operating system other then Windows? I'm sorry but these freaks deserve a sound beating and that is it. For decades the loaf around in university, wasting taxpayers money and instead of getting a job just sow discord and confuse respectable people like us. Punks! Or the obscure theory earth travels around the sun. Bored, overpaid, useless smartassing fecking scientist. As if we did not have other problems and on top the answer to the questions is obvious anyway. Just look at the damn sky. Even a child can tell it is the other way around and trust me, if earth would travel around whatever we would have found out by now.

I'm just giving you an example how so called scientists and other weirdo's try to confuse you. Let's take a total moon eclipse as an example, what do you see? They will tell you it proves that we live on a sphere but does it? If you are honest you will admit you see nothing else but a disc. You don't believe it, let's run a test?

Unless you live in England (it doesn't work there because of the lack of sun) just go outside, take a CD, hold it in front of you and look at the picture or better the shade at the ground. Now you take a football and do the same. The shapes look alike. What does the whole moon eclipse thing prove? Nothing and that's exactly my point.

Let's take a closer look at the moon. What the does the moon look like? I'll tell you a) like a disc and b) familiar. Why is that? Did you ever think about it? It is because it is always the same face we see when we look at the moon. If this so called satellite would be a ball, shouldn't it look different from time to time? After all a ball would hardly travel through the sky without at least do a little bit of rolling, wouldn't it?

But even sounder. Think of the phases of the moon. What do we see there. Not only is the moon a disc but so is the sun. The moon moves slowly out of the sunlight and so come the phases into being. It is surprisingly simple.

Once and for all: Terry Pratchett was right, we live on a disc world and who ever claims something different is nothing else then an agitator and deserves to be burnt at the stake. End of argument!


In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.



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