Political hangover

You know, I have quite a few friend over there in the States. All off them are upset because of the election that went on last week and honestly, I can't fucking blame them. I wouldn't be too pleased either if my people would have voted for a zealot. The problem is moaning doesn't help. I understand that they try to keep face and come up with some sort of explanation, why 60 million people voted for Bush. They say it was fraud but personally I doubt that the few irregularities made any difference. This time El stupido has a mandate, he won the public vote. Accept it.

I know America thinks its special so even the defeat has to be extraordinary but you should know also, that people like me get pissed of with this. The American intellectuals (people that know there is a world outside the United States) seem to think that their situation, their grief is unique. They think they really suffer because their president is an idiot. Sorry guys but this just isn't true. I'm not happy with the result either but to be honest I've seen worse.

Do you remember Maggie Thatcher? You really think left wing Brit's had a good time during the eighties? Trust me, they had not. 18 dark years the Conservative party ruled Britain. It must have been a nightmare for Labour supporters and it got worse every year. People kept voting for this insane woman.

Looking back the era Thatcher of course and to some extend was a good thing that happened to Britain. A) Thatcher and her disciples prepared the country for the upcoming global economy although I sort of doubt that this was the thing especially Thatcher had in her mind when she broke the unions grip over England and destroyed most of the infrastructure and public services but anyway it worked.

B) And that’s much more important, she made it literally impossible for any conscious eligible voter on the island to ever vote for the Torries (British Conservatives) again. Today it doesn't matter what Tony Blair is doing because he'll be re-elected anyway. Anything is better then Conservative. That's what I remember Thatcher for and I am grateful.

Americans might not remember the slightly overweight wanker* that ruled Germany from 1982 – 2000 but I was there and trust me, it doesn't get any worse then this. A completely useless and ignorant asshole being Chancellor in a democratic country for 18 years? Can you imagine how I felt? And they voted for him again and again. Kohl had one of the biggest opportunities a politician can dream of and he screwed it. The people of East Germany had overthrown their Communist regime without using force, the Iron curtain collapsed, we witnessed the end of the Cold War and all because of the moral courage of the people in the Eastern block. It all started in Poland, then came Gorbatschow, it ended with the peaceful revolution in Germany. The country got reunited, a moment in history and what happened? Kohl blew it.

(*for Americans that are not familiar with this word: wanker literally describes someone that finds pleasure by satisfying his sexuell needs with his own hands; metaphorically it describes what you probably would call a motherfucker)

It's funny, in most countries they think Kohl was the great leader, the visionary that made these things happen. He didn't. He just saw his chance to earn a place in history without doing a fucking thing. He sacrificed everything for his quest to become not only the chancellor of the German but also the European reunion. He ruined on of the wealthiest countries in the world and what's worse, he discredited democracy in Germany by ruling the country like a king. He didn't give a shit about public opinion, he made clear that the populace has no vote when it comes to decisions that concern the future of the nation.

Instead of a proud and reunited nation the country today is down to its knees. People don't care about politics anymore, there is no one proud to be a German (well apart may be from some weirdos) and they are so desperate by now, voting ultra right wing actually became an option. The country is still divided and the prospect is miserable. It most likely will take decades to recover from the era Kohl. You think Bush is bad? At least he can't get re-elected!


If you my dear friends want to change something in your country and we all hope you will, stop blubbering and take action. The democrats lost because they were ignorant. I give you an example. They took the votes of the so called minorities for granted. 42% of the Hispanic "minority" voted for Bush and one of the reasons was, that they don't consider themselves as a poor minority that depends on social wellfare. On top they are as conservative as one can be and they have a strong ties with the church. Talking about it.

After all Bush won this election because he mobilized the religious zealots, people that think gay marriage is worse then descending into a wrong and unnecessary war. The hillbillies in the Midwest are not afraid of terrorist attacks because these attacks most likely will focus on places like New York. Some of them might actually believe this is a good thing anyway because New York is packed with heretics and gays. As long as Osama doesn't attack their swamp or may be Austin they just don't care.

If you want to get rid of these maniacs you have to be a bit more creative. This is just an idea but it might actually work. First you young Democrats have to discover your religious side and become Republicans. I know it sounds odd but trust me. Next step is you buy a bible and start spreading the word. Be the voice of the lord and speak publicly in the name of the divine Republican party. Demonise what ever you want; gays, abortion, liberals, these ridiculous scientist that claim earth is a sphere, Arabs, Iran and I don't know what else. Make them agree that the bible is the true constitution this country should be build of. This may sound a bit weird but the idea is to trap them.

Once they agree that American society should be based on the statutes of the holy book you open it and start reading. One must not kill; if one gets attacked he does not seek revenge. What do these words tell us? … Think! OK I'll help you: ONE DOES NOT NEED A WEAPON.

At this point - and I am sure of that - rural America will discover, that it isn't as religious as it at some stage thought. They might remember what this country is really based on: violence. If these bumbkins have to choose between church and their right to carry a gun … You see where it goes. The true beauty of this idea is, that at this point we are in a win-win situation. What ever they choose the country will win.

Once you explained yourself in such a way and as a reformed Democrat that now is an enthusiastic Republican that soon will stand for his convictions in parliament you may go back home and watch the next election. I predict a landslide victory for the democrats. You think this is a bit unfair? Fuck it, we are talking about politics!


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