Men and emotions

Feelings my dear reader are a great thing. It is emotion that makes us feel alive the more intense the better. And best of all is being melancholic, sad or left alone.

Some people might disagree at this point but this is only because they never thought about it. When you are deep down things can only become better. What ever happens to you it will be an improvement. I think that is a very nice thing to know, very positive indeed, it doesn't get any better.

Most people think falling in love is the ultimate feeling. This might be true for gay people but certainly not for heteros. I do agree of course and to a certain extend, falling in love is nice for the moment but then it also scares the shit out of me. Lowering your armour for a woman? Of course you will get hurt, because this is what women do: They hurt men.

Mother natures concept of a male is, he being strong, good looking and a complete idiot. The worst of all women know about it or at least they can sense our weakness, they smell the fear. I guess that's why our ancestors called it Mother Nature and not father. The disadvantages men have to cope with out there in the wild can only be explained with an really sadistic or female mind behind it.

Falling in love is a bit like a death penalty. Once it's pronounced you know you will get hurt. It can't be avoided. The conclusiveness of it, the certain knowledge that very soon I'll wake up with a dagger in my back, I don't know but it sort of spoils the fun a little bit. Look this is not about Eva the original sinner and women being evil and guilty of us being evicted from Eden. That's rubbish and probably originated in a time when men just started to realize that they are no match for fems. I wouldn't be surprised if at first instance it was an act of self defence. I am talking about here and now.

It's not that I don't like women, I rather like the company of nice and good looking female specimen and I certainly don't mind waking up in the morning in her arms, first thing to see a smile. It's gorgeous, marvellous, pleasant, nice and warm, no question. The problem is, you have to avoid falling in love and this on most occasions turns out to be quite difficult. Men on average are very emotional. We are sensitive and when it comes to interaction with the other gender incredibly stupid.

Especially after just getting laid men are vulnerable, the mother complex kicks in. The distant memory, the good old time when mum looked after us, giving us all we need without asking for anything in exchange, the only thing left to do was crying when we wanted attention. That's not how it works out there in the wild. Our daily life is a jungle and in a jungle you are either predator or prey. In my experience men tend to be the latter.

It doesn't matter how many times you scored in the past, on how many occasions you left before she woke up, pimp or lady killer, the moment you fall in love you are dead meat. One day it happens to the best and the moment the predator spots your weakness there is barely enough time for a last prayer. Rest in peace my young friend!

Some men - usually freshmen – think they are strong. They have this plan to hurt her first and rule. Good thinking but trust an old veteran - you will loose. You can't beat a woman on the battlefield called love. I know it sounds a bit negative nether the less it is true.

What's the solution? Should we just give up and shoot ourselves? No of course not. I suggest to either accept defeat and make the best out of it or try to get hurt very badly as long as you are very young. The idea behind is surprisingly simple. As a young man you'll easily survive, you still have a future. There will be a huge scar but at least you are alive.

Once you recover you never want to get hurt so badly again and start avoiding places where you could get picked up. You discover other people with scars like the one you carry. You will make friends, having interesting conversations, discover the world, explain the universe. You'll be able to go out whenever you want, you'll always have enough money because you only spend it for yourself, you will enjoy the exciting life of a bachelor.

If you stay sharp and never regret, you can spend a pleasant and satisfying life with your buddies. OK you don't have family and you might die old and alone but then you'll probably look back and think, wow that was one hell of a trip. No children to cry in front of my grave but I'm dead anyway so I don't care too much.

To close the circle and coming back to my initial theory, feelings are a very important part of our life, so never even try to avoid them. "To not feel" means you are dead, feelings are what separates us from rocks, trees, animals and slimy aliens, feelings are cool. Just be careful! There is so much more to feel than just love.

Sadness can be very intense, joy, happiness, friendship or being lonely are very positive emotions. Stay away from love and regret and you'll do just fine. Men are the crowning glory of creation but do me a favour, don't tell the girls.

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